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About Beacon RCC

Beacon RCC is a vibrant, well-established cycling club based in south Birmingham. The Beacon exists to help people get the most out of all branches of the sport and pastime of cycling. Our members are young and old, male and female, keen competitors and casual weekend riders. We are actively involved in all of the following:

  • Sociable group riding: club runs to local cafés and meeting points
  • Time trialling: on-road individual or team races against the watch
  • Road racing: mass-start races on the road
  • Track racing: races on indoor and outdoor banked cycle tracks
  • Cyclocross: cross-country circuit races
  • Audaxing and cyclosportives: on-road challenge rides, often involving large numbers of people riding at their own pace
  • Mountain biking: off-road challenge rides and races
  • Race training: preparation for the competitive-minded, on the road and on indoor static trainers
  • Touring: extended rides to or in more distant places
  • Commuting
  • Coaching and promoting cycling, in schools and other settings
  • Cycling-related talks and presentations

Use the menu on the left to find details of activities that the Beacon organises. For advice about getting involved in other clubs' or organisations' open events, see our page on other cycling activities.

As well as taking part in all these cycling activities, our members regularly meet for meals, drinks, country walks and many other purposes.

Newcomers are always welcome at the Beacon. If you are thinking about joining, you may want to get to know us a little before making up your mind. There are three ways to 'meet' the club: by joining our message board, by coming to a Thursday night club meeting and by joining in with one of our club runs.

Safeguarding & Welfare

In line with most sports clubs we have a welfare officer, currently David Cox, who has been on the Sports Partnership Safeguarding and Protecting Children training. Any concerns re safeguarding, child protection or protection of vulnerable people can be referred to David in the first instance via a direct message on the message board, or by phone using a number published in the membership pack.





Beacon RCC is affiliated to Cycling Time Trials (CTT), British Cycling (BC), the Cyclists' Touring Club (CTC) the Road Records Association (RRA) and the Midland Road Records Association (MRRA).

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