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Women in the Beacon

There are a good number of female cyclists in the Beacon of various ages and abilities. Some of us have only recently taken up the sport while others are lifelong cyclists. We have women who use their bikes for commuting, others who go touring, many who enjoy social riding out to cafés and others who race. We join in with everything the guys are doing and we're involved in every aspect of the life of the club. For instance, we go on club runs and weekends away, serve on the committee and enjoy the social events. There are also women's racing trophies and some of us join in club racing events. We don't therefore generally try to keep separate from the men, but if there is enough interest we do arrange women-only rides which can be that bit easier than trying to keep up with the lads!

Initially it can be daunting to approach a cycling club as a woman because women on average do not have the same natural strength and stamina as men. However, that is no bar to getting involved and there are plenty of other women in the Beacon to provide friendship, encouragement and support. We just love riding our bikes and we'd very much welcome anyone else, male or female who would like to join us.

If you would like to discuss any aspect the Beacon with one of our women members please don't hesitate to contact us. We can give you advice about riding or club runs, introduce you to other women in the club or represent your view on the committee. Do get in touch.

Safeguarding & Welfare

In line with most sports clubs we have a welfare officer, currently David Cox, who has been on the Sports Partnership Safeguarding and Protecting Children training. Any concerns re safeguarding, child protection or protection of vulnerable people can be referred to David in the first instance via a direct message on the message board, or by phone using a number published in the membership pack.


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