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Sunrise Express & Snowdrop Express Audaxes - Saturday, 25th February 2017


Start Time



Sunrise Express (FULL)


123km clockwise


Snowdrop Express (FULL)


123km anti-clockwise


On successful completion of the ride you will be asked to sign your brevet card and if you wish you will be able to purchase an Audax UK medal or badge. Your brevet card is then retained by the organiser and sent for validation by the Audax UK Validation Secretary. Approximately one month following the event your validated card will be returned to you.

In the event of cancellation

If the audax is cancelled due to dangerous road or weather conditions or any unanticipated circumstance beyond the control of the Beacon Road Cycling Club, entry fees will not be refunded. However, riders will be allowed to complete the route under 'permanent audax' conditions within four weeks following the event date 'Permanent Audax' conditions will only be invoked if the event is officially cancelled. 'Permanent Audax' conditions will only be invoked if the event is officially cancelled. Entrants will be notified of any cancellation as soon as reasonably possible by e-mail or the Facebook Page A replacement route card for the Permanent Audax and instructions will be issued as soon as reasonably possible after 22nd February. Hopefully, all of this will be theoretical! Any surplus monies generated by the cancellation would be donated to charity.


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