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The From Clee to Heaven Audax - Saturday 21st July 2018



From Clee to heaven the beacon burns,
The shires have it seen plain,
From north and south the sign returns
And the beacons burns again

Extract from A E Housman's
'A Shropshire Lad', 1896



AAA Points:


Start / Finish:

Belbroughton, near Kidderminster


2 - Rays Farm Tea Room twice

Average overall speed required:

13 - 25 kph

From Clee to Heaven is of similar length to our popular Sunrise Express audax but is hillier. Don't let that put you off. This route will provide a fantastic summer's day to remember. Some minor changes have been made to the route to enhance the views of Brown Clee and a new traverse down the Severn Valley to Arley.

For Audax Altitude Award point collectors, From Clee to Heaven has been awarded with 2AAA, which in layperson's language means that the route contains approximately 2,000m of ascent.

Highlights Include:

  • Traverses around the sides of Brown and Clee Hills
  • A passage across Catherton Common
  • Excellent views
  • Rural country lanes
  • A centrally positioned commercial control at Rays Farm Tea Room, used twice on this figure of 8 route
  • Food and drinks when you return to Belbroughton

Other notes

Participants need to be aware that:

  • The route is hilly and uses narrow lanes
  • Some descents are technical in nature and require the utmost care especially where lanes are narrow and with bends
  • A few sections are steep but can walked. Cycles with triple or compact gears are ideal.
  • The lanes may also be a grubby if wet
  • The majority of the route uses country lanes although there are a few short sections of unavoidable main roads
  • Like all audaxes, your ride is a 'private excursion' and no rescue service is provided
  • Riders need to traverse a ford after Rays Farm on the return leg, but a nearby foot bridge is available
  • Riders need to complete the route within an average speed of 13kph and 25kph

We would like to thank Rays Farm Country Matters for supporting the control on this event.

Final Route details will be e-mailed to entrants prior to the event

2017 GPXs:

GPS are qwerky bits of kit and sometimes the GPX downloads may interpret the files differently onto your machine. Also:
- Please note that you will need to monitor your distance in order not to over-shoot any information control. Failure to provide an answer to an information control question may invalidate your audax attempt.
- View the route sheet to note any important hazard information.

Please note the GPS files have been generated with maximum definition for profiling purposes. And as such probably has too many track points for most GPS units, it is a relatively simple task to reduce this to a number suitable for your unit. First of all, save the file attached to your hard drive. And once on the create route page, upload the file. Once uploaded, click on the options box, and enter the number of points you wish to reduce to. Then click reduce, you can then down load this file to your hard drive and then to your GPS. The file can be found via the Export function on RidewithGPS. If you're going to utilise them, please use the files that best suit your machine, and I leave you to make that decision. I am not a GPS user, so I am afraid that I am unable to offer any further advice.


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Kidderminster Killer

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From Clee to Heaven

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