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Permanent Audaxes

The BurwayBeacon RCC offers the "The Montgomery Madness" as a permanent audax. The 208km route follows quiet B roads and lanes with only short sections of A road taking in Bewdley, Bromyard, Ludlow, Knighton, Montgomery and Bridgnorth. This challenging route includes approximately 3450m of climbing and crosses the Kerry Ridgeway, White Grit, Stiperstones, Long Mynd and Wenlock Edge amongst others. Enjoy the spectacular view of the Stretton Hills, Worcestershire, Salop & Herefordshire. Shops, cafes and ATMs available at controls. The route can be started in Bewdley, at any other control point or in Church Stretton.

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About Permanent Audaxes

Permanent audaxes require a greater degree of self-sufficiency than calendar events and are intended as events for the more experienced rider, riding alone or with family and friends. They offer greater flexibility than calendar events as they can be ridden on any day of your choice once you have received Brevet and route cards. Permanents are becoming increasingly popular with riders that prefer to choose their own day of riding or wish to slot another ride in between calendar events. You can also choose your day to ride at short-notice and make best use of fair weather.

If you wish to ride a permanent audax you should enter at least 4 weeks in advance (this may be reduced at the organiser's discretion) and you will be sent a brevet card and routesheet. Before you ride, you must notify the organiser when you intend to ride the event for insurance purposes. An e-mail or recorded phone message is sufficient.

On the day, collect evidence for your Brevet Card to ensure that it is validated. Evidence of passage can include a car park ticket (for the start); till receipts from shops, cafes, pubs or garages and bank ATM receipts.After you have ridden, sign you Brevet Card, attach the evidence of passage and return it to the organiser within 48 hours. Make sure that the receipts are securely attached to your card and identified by number, with a corresponding number in the card control box.



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