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How old do you have to be to join in the club's activities?

There is no minimum age for Beacon membership. Young people can join in the club's activities as soon as they are ready to, and (where relevant) as soon as the rules of the event allow.


The sport's various governing bodies each have their own rules governing the minimum age for participation in different types of race. You will need to consult the governing body in question; if you need any assistance with this, get in touch via our Contact page.

Club runs and other group rides

A young cyclist is welcome to join one of the Beacon's group rides when his or her parents judge that he or she is mature enough to cope with traffic and strong enough to complete the ride. However, those under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult parent or guardian. Our monthly introductory rides should be within the capabilities of youngsters who are already used to riding for, say, at least an hour at maybe 10 to 12 mph. To complete one of our other regular rides, a young cyclist needs to be used to riding further and faster; see the club runs page for details. A fit youngster with the relevant experience might be able to complete an introductory ride at twelve to fourteen, and a Sunday club run at fifteen or sixteen; but, of course, everyone is different. Members with younger children sometimes take part in club rides on tandems.

Most youngsters find the experience of joining in a club ride less daunting if a parent or another trusted adult comes along, at least to begin with. If anybody of ages 16 - 17 takes part unaccompanied, the run leader needs to know he or she is there with parental consent. The young person and his/her parents should also to take a look at our club run guidelines and complete a Young Rider Information and Consent Form and hand this to the leader on their first ride. It is particularly important that everyone concerned understands that a Beacon ride is simply a group of friends on a joint excursion; we look out for each other, as friends do, but there isn't an organiser with legal responsibility for the rest.


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