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The Jack Clements Memorial Little Mountain Time Trial

Notes for Competitors

Parking - There is sufficient parking at the event HQ but please park considerately and follow the instructions of the car-park marshals.

Signing On - Please sign on and collect your number from the HQ. The start is a very short distance from the HQ. No cleats are to be worn in the village hall in case of damage to the floor.

Warming up - Please do not warm up past the start area after the race has started. Please also be aware that the road in front of the HQ is part of the course, so later starters should take care not to hinder competitors while warming up on this road.

Clothing - Please note that under CTT rules you are not allowed to wear clothing with prominent commercial advertising unless your club has paid to be sponsored.

Litter - Please do not leave any litter on the local roads. If, after warming up, you wish to dispose of any food or drinks wrappers please use the bin that will be provided at the start.

Marshalls - Marshals will be posted at all junctions where a turn is required. However, riders are reminded that the onus is on them to know the course.

Broom Wagon - A 'broom wagon' will 'sweep' the course after the last rider. If you have a mechanical problem or a puncture you will receive assistance to get back to the HQ.

Awards Presentation - After the event the prizes will be presented to winners at the HQ. Please stay for an extra cuppa or slice of cake and to applaud the prize winners.

Provisional Results - It is intended that provisional results sheets will be available at the HQ after the event. Full, confirmed results will be sent to riders after the event as usual.


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