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go-ride informationGo-Ride is a development programme for clubs and young riders organised by British Cycling, the sport's governing body.

In anticipation of successful accreditation as a Go-Ride club by British Cycling, Beacon RCC has introduced a number of changes. Our constitution has been amended to ensure we are equitable and open to all potential new members and we have appointed a Welfare Officer who has undertaken a Child Protection course entitled 'Time to listen'.

Being a Go Ride club will enable us to work with local authorities and local education providers to ensure young people have the proper skills and confidence to become safer and more successful riders in the future whether they want to ride competitively for the club or just enjoy cycling as a fun and healthy family activity.

The first stage of accreditation was to ensure we had a number of qualified coaching staff able and willing to work in schools. So far we have one coach who qualified last year and a further three funded to take their level 2 coaching courses in the coming months. Part of last year's coach training programme was to deliver free training sessions to local children. The response from the children was great and parents were very impressed with the rapid improvement in the children's bike handling skills!

With summer ahead we hope to offer more sessions and encourage more young riders to get involved in cycling on a regular basis, which will hopefully lead to more young riders joining the club in the long term.

We are confident that being a Go-Ride club will make a real difference to the future of the club and to cycling in our region. For further information on Go-Ride, please refer to British Cycling's web site, where you can also access the quarterly magazines by selecting 'Downloads' from the menu. The magazines are full of interesting articles and give an update on what is happening around the country.

If you would like any more information on Go-ride please contact the Go-Ride coordinator, Paul Deane.

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