October 2022 intro ride

Newcomers are warmly invited to join us on our next Introductory Ride.


Sunday 2 October 2022

Where and when does it start?

The car park of the Black Horse, Bristol Rd South, Northfield, B31 2QT. We’ll set off at 09:00, and we’ll meet ten or fifteen minutes before that to say hello and chat about the ride.

Where’s it going?

This month’s Intro Ride is going to The View café in Wootton Wawen. Here’s a map of the route we plan to follow, which you can download to a GPS device:

We’ll cover roughly 52 kilometres (32 miles), mostly on quiet lanes. We’ll stop for refreshments at The View, approximately half the way through the route.

Will it be hard?

You should be fine if you can already ride for an hour or two at an average of roughly 16-20kph (10-12mph). We’ll stick together and go at the pace of the slowest rider. We’ll ride for a total of about three hours, with a break at the café and maybe a breather at the top of one or two hills.

Who can join in?

Our Intro Rides are mainly for people new to club cycling and not yet confident about doing one of the main club runs. They’re ideal if you already cycle and fancy getting a bit more involved, or if you’re returning after a break. They provide a chance to get to know the club and decide whether it’s for you. If you’re very new to cycling, it’s probably best to do a few independent rides first, and join an Intro Ride once you’re comfortable riding for 90 minutes or so. Under-16s need an adult with them.

How do I join the ride?

Intro Rides are limited to eight people, including the leader(s), although if we have interest from more people then we do our best to try to find a second ride leader. For this reason, everyone needs to be signed up in advance. To put your name down, either mail clubruns@beaconrcc.org.uk or answer the post on our message board.

Do I need a fancy bike?

No. For an Intro Ride, the main thing is that your bike is comfortable and reliable. Of course, it must also be legal, which basically means having two working brakes. For safety reasons, we don’t allow use of tri-bars on group rides.

Do I need special cycling gear?

No. Proper cycling clothing is generally more comfortable, especially for people riding far and/or fast. But Intro Rides aren’t like that. It’s good to avoid things that flap about and you certainly don’t want anything that chafes. But things like sweatshirts, close-fitting jogging trousers and trainers are fine. Two or three thin layers are usually a good idea, especially in autumn, when it’s often chilly early and warm later. With lightweight clothes you can stuff in a pocket or bag, you can add or subtract layers as conditions change.

What should I bring?

Bring a bottle of water and maybe something like an energy bar. You’ll also need a little money for refreshments. If there’s a chance of rain, have a lightweight waterproof in your pocket or bag. Most club cyclists carry a mobile phone and a credit/debit card in case of emergency.

Anything else I need to know?

Yes, you need to read our Club Run Guidelines. Also, while we’ll always do our best to help, it’s important to recognise a rescue service isn’t part of the deal. So have a think about how you’d manage if you were miles from home with a bike that won’t go. Could you phone home for a lift, for example?