Anyone who is interested in cycling as a sport or pastime can join the Beacon. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how fit you are or what your cycling ambitions are: we’ll always try to make you feel welcome.

Full membership is £15 per year for adults and £5 per year for under 18 year olds. Family membership for up to two adults and any number of children living at the same address is £25.

To become a Beacon member via secure card payment please proceed to our secure payment page (a small card processing fee applies).

If you are a British Cycling member or are considering also joining British Cycling you may wish to join Beacon via the British Cycling site. To do so, please continue to the Beacon RCC Club Profile page on the British Cycling web site then select the “Join our Club” tab. Please note that you do not need to join British Cycling in order to join Beacon RCC but there is an option to do so should you wish. If you are already a British Cycling member login to your British Cycling account in order to retrieve your contact details stored by British Cycling. If you are not a member of British Cycling you will need to enter some personal details for the Club’s membership records and this information will be passed to the Club by British Cycling and processed and stored in accordance with our Data Protection and Privacy Policy. Registering on the British Cycling web site will mean that you will not need to enter these details again in future should you wish to renew your membership via British Cycling. Please note that British Cycling charge £1 per transaction to cover card processing charges.

Subscription renewal for existing members.

What you Get
  • Join in all the club’s cycling and social activities
  • Represent the club in open races organised under the rules of bodies such as Cycling Time Trials and British Cycling
  • Take part in club time trials
  • Obtain advice and coaching
  • Buy and wear club kit
  • Enjoy a range of paid features on Ride with GPS through our club account
  • Get discounts at local bike shops
  • Have a say in the way the club is run, by voting at the club’s general meetings
  • As a second-claim or social member, you get all the above benefits, except for the right to represent the Beacon in open races and the right to vote at general meetings.

Safeguarding & Welfare

In line with most sports clubs we have a Welfare Officer, currently Kate Dighton. Any concerns re safeguarding, child protection or protection of vulnerable people can be referred to Kate in the first instance via email or by phone using a number published in the membership pack.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Persons joining the Club, renewing membership or entering events promoted by the Club consent to the club collecting, storing and using personal data as described in the Club’s Data Protection and Privacy Policy.