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Any questions?
In case you'd like to know more, we've prepared answers to a number of frequently asked questions.

If your question isn't answered there, please contact us.

Anyone who is interested in cycling as a sport or pastime can apply to join the Beacon. It doesn't matter how old you are, how fit you are or what your cycling ambitions are: we'll always try to make you feel welcome.

Before making up your mind about joining the club, you may want to get to know us a bit. You can enjoy some 'virtual chat' by joining our message board. Alternatively, you might like to come along to one of our Thursday night social evenings. However, the best way of getting a feel for the Beacon is to go on a club run. There are regular runs to suit various abilities, and non-members are always welcome to join one or two rides on a trial basis.

Membership of the Beacon isn't expensive: 15 per year for over-18s, 10 for under-18s and social members, and 25 for families living at one address. Membership is normally renewable at the start of each year. However, if you join on or after 1 October, your initial membership runs till the end of the following year. To join, you need to complete an application form and send it to the membership secretary. If you'd prefer to pay by PayPal please go straight to our PayPal payment page.

What you get for your money: As a 'first claim' (i.e. full) senior, junior or family member of the Beacon, you are entitled to:

  • Join in all the club's cycling and social activities
  • Represent the club in open races organised under the rules of bodies such as Cycling Time Trials and British Cycling (although you may have to pay a licence fee to the relevant organisation)
  • Receive copies of our club magazine Hub-Ub about four times each year
  • Receive regular club news by e-mail
  • Obtain advice and coaching
  • Buy and wear club kit
  • Get discounts at local bike shops
  • Take part in club time trials
  • Have a say in the way the club is run, by voting at the club's general meetings

As a second-claim or social member, you get all the above benefits, except for the right to represent the Beacon in open races and the right to vote at general meetings.

Safeguarding & Welfare

In line with most sports clubs we have a welfare officer, currently David Cox, who has been on the Sports Partnership Safeguarding and Protecting Children training. Any concerns re safeguarding, child protection or protection of vulnerable people can be referred to David in the first instance via a direct message on the message board, or by phone using a number published in the membership pack.




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