NB: Beacon Academy events were suspended this year due to the COVID-19 situation, but we are resuming coaching sessions in November.

Beacon RCC is a British Cycling Go-Ride club. Through our Academy, we provide a programme of activities and Go-Ride coaching sessions aimed at young riders. The Academy was launched in 2015 and is the youth section of Beacon RCC that provides cycling coaching for children aged five and upwards who are able to ride a bike without stabilisers. The emphasis is on fun and improving bike handling skills and confidence and ability to ride and race safely around others. Members learn lots of skills including cornering, braking, riding close to others, racing, dismounting, pedalling and how to use gears.

The first coaching session is free, so you can give it a try without cost, and then youth membership is just £10 per year (family membership is also available for £25), and then it’s £2 per session. To buy membership, please click here. The racing events are Go-Ride informal races, so that our riders can have locally based friendly competition with young riders from other local clubs. Beacon membership is not a requirement for these events.

The weather can occasionally be quite cold at Holders Lane and Rowheath, so please ensure that participants have suitable clothing for the weather conditions. Gloves are strongly recommended and warm clothing are essential in colder weather.

Upcoming events

During 2020, the Academy will be offering some coaching and racing sessions at Rowheath Playing Fields in Bournville and at Holders Lane, near Cannon Hill Park. Keep your eye on the Facebook feed for details of any additional sessions. These sessions take place in a traffic-free environment and are led by qualified coaches who introduce riders to skills used in different forms of cycle sport and include some racing, with the emphasis very much on fun. Sessions cost £2 for members and are free for first timers (membership costs £10 for the year). If weather conditions are bad, please check the Facebook page for cancellations.

NB: Beacon Academy events were suspended this year due to the COVID-19 situation, but we are resuming coaching sessions in November.

Beacon Academy Go-Ride sessions are aimed at young people who can already ride a bicycle and have sufficient co-ordination to stay safe in a group. Riders should wear a helmet at all times, have a well maintained bicycle, a drink and bring appropriate clothing and gloves.

Further details and dates here

Previous events

Autumn 2019 events

Easter and summer 2019 events

Please check the Beacon Cycling Academy Facebook page for updates on sessions, as we post any cancellations or alterations to sessions there.

Whilst it’s all about fun, some children choose to race representing the club in the West Midlands Circuit, West Midlands Cyclocross League, British School Cycling Association races, and the Halesowen Friday Night Track League. Our coaching sessions are structured to give young riders all the skills they’ll need to enjoy racing. Our focus is always that young riders enjoy their cycling and there is no expectation that riders will move on to competition. We run occasional sessions at Halesowen track for specific skills. All abilities, girls and boys and all ages from five upwards are welcome at the coaching sessions.

As part of our Go-Ride accreditation, we follow best practice in child protection, coaching and competition, equality and club management. For parents or young cyclists, the Go-Ride recognition provides confidence to know that our club is safe, well managed and an exciting place to be. All our coaches have enhanced DBS status and are first-aid trained. Our club Welfare Officer is Kate Dighton, who can be contacted by email at .

We look forward to seeing you at one of our sessions. If you have any enquiries, please contact the Academy co-ordinator, Adrian Ravenscroft, at .