Club time trials 2022

A list of club time trials being held in 2022 is available below. Newcomers are welcome to take part in club TTs, as are guests from other clubs. As well as a bi-weekly time trial league that is inclusive to all and encourages new and old participants across all ages, we are also organising three open events this year, which need to be entered in advance (see links below).

In 2022, we’ll be:

  • Running a league system with the final table based on the best eight results of each rider, as well as our traditional members’ handicap competition.
  • Using a mix of traditional TT and sporting courses, using quiet roads where possible.
  • Having a separate road bike category (no aero equipment and maximum 60mm depth wheels [NB: we’ve updated this from an original rule of 50mm, given the popularity of Zipp 404s]).
  • Having a 2-up (i.e. teams of two riders) mini-series within the league, with three designated events.
  • Holding a gala summer evening TT featuring retro bikes or fancy dress, with all proceeds going to charity.
  • Operating a marshalling rota to ensure the sustainability of the events. Each participant will be asked to marshall at one event.

The entry fee for a club time trial is £4.50 including the £3 Cycling Time Trials (CTT) levy. For 2022, CTT regulations require that all riders have working rear (red) and front (white) lights and wear a helmet. Please aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before the event start time in order to sign on.

If you’ve not given TTs a try before, we recommend reading this article on the website of the governing body, CTT (it’s from 2007, so some of the details are dated, but it gives a good idea of what to expect).

For the most up-to-date information on these events please visit the TT section of the club message board. Further details of relevant CTT regulations are available on the time trials page of this website.

1Sat 26 March 10:00K32/20Results
2Wed 13 April 19:00K36/4.5 (two laps)Results
Sun 24 AprilLittle Mountain Time Trial
3Wed 27 April 19:00K36/4.5 (two laps)Counts as 2-up mini-series event*Results
4Wed 11 May 19:00K36/4.5 (two laps) Results
5Wed 25 May 19:00K36/4.5 (two laps)Counts as 2-up mini-series event*; road bike onlyResults
Wed 8 June 19:00K8/10TEvent cancelled
Sun 19 JuneJanet Kelly Memorial 10
Wed 22 June 19:00K32/20Event rescheduled due to COVID
6Wed 20 July 19:00K34/25Club 25 Mile Championship Results
7Wed 3 August 19:00K36/4.5 (two laps)Counts as 2-up mini-series event*; road bike onlyResults
Sun 7 AugustRoad Bike Open 10
8Wed 17 August 19:00K36/4.5 (2.221 laps)Club 10 Mile Championship; retro, TT and road bike categories
9Wed 31 August 18:30K32/20Club Handicap Championship
10Sun 18 September 10:00KH12Club Hill Climb ChampionshipResults
* These events can also be ridden solo, as a normal TT